Tourist Information

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Travel information centers are maintained by the sri lanka Tourist board to assist tourists on all aspects of their stay

In the island, in Colombo, intl. airport, kandy & anuradhapura. Information of accommodation is given under each resort area.

Please note rates may change without notice.

  • touts

beware of touts. A void them. Do not accept their offer to give more for your foreign currency or lead to you shops which give you special

bargains; it will all be for the tout’s bargain only.

  • sri lanka currency

sri lanka has a decimal currency system. One sri lanka rupee is divided into 100 sri lanka cents. Currency notes are in the denominations

of Rs. 10/-, Rs. 20/-, Rs. 50/-, Rs. 100/-, Rs.200/-, Rs.500/-, Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 5000/- denominations are clearly marked

In figures on both sides of notes and stated in English in addition To sinhala and tamil. Coins commonly in use are the following

Denominations; 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, one rupee, Two rupee, five rupees and ten rupees.

  • currency regulations

visitors to sri lanka bringing in excess of US $ 10,000 should declare the amount to the customs.

All unspent monies, wiich were converted form foreign currencies Declared on arrival can be re-converted to original currency. You

Are required to produce encashment receipts.

  • credit cards

many hotels and shops accept reputed credit cards. No surcharge should be permitted for its use. Cash advances are

possible against credit cards in certain banks.

  • important

retain some of you hotel and shopping receipts, specially for gems.

These would make customs clearance easy.

  • banking facilities

banking facilities have grown and widened tremendously to cope with the sophisticated needs of today’s businessmen. Sri lanka

and foreign banks provide an expanding range of services to investors.

  • banking hours

banks keep increasingly flexble hours to suit customer convenience. All banks are open from 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs Monday to Friday.

Some city banks close at 1500 hrs, while still others have night Banking facilities too.

Banks are closed on Saturdays & Sundays, all public holidays and The special bank holidays on june 30 and December 31.

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Visa rules

National of over 24 countries are exempt from visa requirements. However, the visa they obtain at the point of entry is formally valid for only 30 days. For details contact: the department of emigration and immigration, anandarajakaruna mw., maradana, Colombo 10. The government of srilanka will take action against vicitors to the country who overstay their visas. Hotels and guest houses which harbour such persons are also liable to prosecution.


A national of a non-commonwealth country who is in possession of a visa for over 30 days or intends to stay in srilanka for a period of over 30 days is required to report forthwith at the aliens bureau,5thfloor,newsecreatariatbuilding,Colombo 1,for the purpose of registration. Compliance with registration would be one of the requirements for consideration of an application for extension of visa beyond the 30 days period.

Passport photos

Most photographic studios in Colombo, supply urgent passport size photos for visa and other requirements.

Airport entry

Entry to the bandaranaika international airport, katunayake, is restricted except for embrakingpassengers. those who wish to meet incoming passengers may do so by purchasing a ticket.

 Embarkation tax

Rs.1500/- at Bandaranaike international airport, katunayake. (subject to change)

Departure and transit lounge

There are several shops in the transit & departure lounge of the bandaranaika international airport, katunayake which sell gems, ceramics, handicrafts, batiks, cut flower, books and picture postcards of srilanka. Payment is accepted only in foreign currency.

Duty free shops

The duty free shop at the transit & departure lounge of the Bandaranaike international airport, katunayake has an extensive rang in will known brands of liquor ,tabacoo, cigars and cigarettes, hi-fi equipment,wrestwatches,cameras,films,perfumes,cosmetics,electricalappliances,cigarette lighters and souvenirs. payment is accepted only in foreign currency. Passengers arriving in srilanka could also by their requirements of duty free liquor and cigarettes from the duty free counter which is situated after immigration checkpoints.

  • mobile phones

there are four mobile telephone services operating in sri lanka. All of them – celltel, mobitel, hutch inson and dialog gsm -serve Colombo and the suburbs, and kandy. Their services are in varying stages of extension on transmission corridors from, Colombo to galle, Colombo to kandy and nuwara eliya, Colombo to kurunegala and Colombo To ratnapura .

The three services offer varying tariff and service packages ,and it is best to study all before Picking on one. Some packages, of little day-to-day benefit, may hide high call costs. These mobile phone services are ideal for business travelers who need quick contact during

A short and busy stay. They are also good for investors at the initial stage of setting up business,

  • postal

for information on postal rates contact,the general post office, Bristol street, Colombo 1. Tel;2326203. inquiries and poste restante; tel; 2326203. speed post sri lanka (domestic courier service) tel; 2447844, 2320700, 2440159, 2328359.

  • philatelic bureau

the sri lanka philatelic bureau,general post office, Bristol st.,Colombo 1, has an exhibition and sales outlet for all sri lanka stamps first day covers, special issues, etc.

  • tourist guide lecturers

trained registered guide lecturers carry identity cards issued by the Ceylon tourist board. They could be hired through the travel information center, or approved travel agents Or president, national tourist guide lecturers association of sri lanka,

  • tipping

tipping is optional. It is left to the customer to tip if satisfied with service. Most hotels and

restaurants include a service charge of 10% in any bill. In the event of your wishing to

give a tip, about 10 per cent of the bill is generally considered a fair tip.