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The Waterfalls of Sri Lanka are breathtaking and a spectacular sight to watch. These waterfalls are rich in beauty, considering it’s gigantic curtain of water that begins at the very point of descent at the (mountain which the fall originates) streaming graciously in a downward motion while hitting smaller rock’s in it’s path there by causing a splash resulting in the birth of a pond created by the accumulated water particles of the splash and finally resulting in the distribution of water to a nearby river by means of a downward motion of water streams. Waterfalls have been a magnificent gift of nature, which has attached human beings since the beginning of time.
Sri Lanka has the largest number of waterfalls of any given country. Waterfalls are most commonly found in the hill country in this part of the world.

The suites locations could be classified on the basis of Sri Lankas inland provinces as follows.

(1) Western (Introduce Sectors) (2) Sabaragamuwa (3) North Western (4) North Eastern
(5) North Central (6) Northern Province (7) Southern Province (8) Uva (9) Central

ww.ceylonholidaytours.com advice all tourists from all part of the world entering this part of the world that the observation of these magnificent waterfalls is a must and never to be missed. We will be contently updating this web page in particular which is conspired a priceless gift of nature.