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sun worshippers, prepare to stretch out, curl your toes in the fine white sand, and get a glorious ten on sundrenched. Palm – caressed beaches that adorn
over a 1000 miles of the coast of srilanka.

It’s a paradise of unlimited sun, sea, sand and surf all year around. The coast often twists and curves into little nooks, bays and coves, ideal romantic hide –

The indian ocean kisses the beaches clear, blue and peacock bright, at a warm 270 C.

Diving in these waters takes you in to an entirely different and equally delightful world, scattered with fantastic coral formations and colourful tropical fish.
You may also come across interesting sunken wrecks at certain points along the coast. Don’t look out for sharks, they’re unheard of in this part of the
You’ll find beach resorts with excellent facilities along the beaches that wind sinuously all the way down south from negombo to hambantota.
Venture further south and you get the highly popular bech resorts of beruwala, bentota and hikkaduwa which have several new hotels coming up. Ahungalla, also in this area, boasts of a five star hotel.

Fishermen alonge that coast still go out to sea in craft that have changed little in design through the centuries, and their long, weathered catamarans drawn
Up along the beach add to the picturesque beauty of the coast. You could even help the groups of fishermen drawing in the nets, and earn a fish for your